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Karate Cafe and 30 Years of Weirdness

This is not my podcast … but I’m on it! I recently chatted with the good folks of Karate Café about the online “bunkai boom” and a host of other related topics. Paul and Dan kindly gave me permission to put the conversation out on my feed too. So, if you’ve not already heard it, please enjoy our most recent chat!

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About Karate Cafe:

Karate Cafe was created in May 2005 by Pete Shambo and Gene Myers as a sort of “after class discussion” and unleashed on the internets and soon gathered a nationwide and international following. Now in it’s 10th year of bringing discussion topics and interviews to martial arts enthusiasts all over the globe, Karate Cafe has a solid group of dedicated listeners and contributors and has branched into the world of live shows, streamed over the internet, as well as recorded shows.

30 Years of Weirdness
Iain, Paul and Dan (karate cafe)
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