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Iain Abernethy
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Zach Zinn wrote:
Thanks Iain, pretty sure I get what you're saying now, I think my misunderstanding was just down to being used to a different set of terminology and such.

These things often come down to semantics. Everyone has different terminology and different ways of expressing things. That’s why it’s much easier to communicate these ideas in person. I’m pleased we were able to flesh it out and I appreciate your help in making things clearer for other readers too.

All the best,


Zach Zinn
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This thread was really useful for me. We've been exploring some "flow" type bunkai work in my blackbelt class, and thinking more about directional changes in kata specifically really changed things up. I'm still not sure about "degrees", but simply saying "oh go to opponets right here" and things like this made a really big difference in our Seisan bunkai work, thanks!