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Judo and Funakoshi

A long time ago I think I read an article or such about Kano or another major person from judo studying karate under Funakoshi, or a major player in Jujitsu, anyways does anyone have any info on this or perhaps the article itself? May have been in Black Belt Magazine. Thanks to all in advance.

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Hi Dustin,

Kano was very interested in Karate an he was a patron of Funakoshi, e.g. letting him lead seminars in his dojo.Funakoshi also adopted the idea of using the Dogi and a rank system from Kano.

Otsuka Hironori the founder of Wado Ryu was one of the first students of Funakoshi who was awarded a black belt by him. He was highly ranked in Shindo Yoshin Ryu Ju Jutsu.

In terms of literature a can highly recommend the books of Henning Wittwer.

Regards Holger