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Jion Throw (Hanashiro Version)

This video looks at a leg scooping throw we can see in Jion kata; specifically the version of Chomo Hanashiro. Where this version differs from most is the “manji-uke, morote-uke” sequence where the feet come together is instead performed as “gedan-barai (back arm across the chest), morote-uke” and the feet remain stationary. This variation looks very much like the leg-scoping throw discussed in the video.

While it can be tempting to compare and contrast variations in the kata with a view to making a value judgement as to right/wrong or better/worse, I would caution against that. Indeed, when Hanashiro discssused this kata in the 1938 book ‘Karate-Do Taikan’ he said, “Martial arts are living things. It therefore invariably follows that there will be many variations and different applications.”

This version of the kata is therefore not better or worse than any other variations. However, this throw remains an interesting application for this version of the kata. Other applications of other variations of Jion were covered at the event where this video was filmed.

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Practical Kata Bunkai: Jion Throw (Hanashiro Version)