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Jesse Enkamp and Iain Abernethy Chat (podcast)

In this podcast I talk with Jesse Enkamp! We recorded this impromptu conversation at the Karate Nerd Experience in Sweden in 2019. Jesse and I had just finished recorded some YouTube videos together and Jesse suggested doing a podcast. I said that I didn’t have my recoding equipment and Jesse suggested using the voice recording function on my phone … which worked incredibly well!

With no plan, we sat down in the reception of the venue, hit record, and had the conversation you are about to hear! I thoroughly enjoyed our chat, and we covered a wide range of topics! The key theme that seemed to develop was the benefits of taking a broad approach to karate. We also cover improving kata, bunkai, self-defence, training methods, karate’s evolution, shuhari, and loads more!

Jesse has kindly offered a 15% discount on all Seishin products to the listeners of this podcast! Just use the offer code “BUNKAI” when placing your order (free worldwide shipping included):

Many thanks to Jesse for having the idea to do this podcast, for taking the time to sit down and chat, and for his patience around the time taken for me to get this out to you all! It’s a very interesting listen so well worth the extended wait!

All the best,


Jesse Enkamp and Iain Abernethy Chat
Jesse Enkamp and Iain Abernethy
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