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Jesse Enkamp!

In this episode I’m joined by self-identified “karate nerd” Jesse Enkamp! I think Jesse does a great deal of good for the karate community. His panoramic view of karate, his prolific work rate, his eloquence, and his infectious enthusiasm combine to make him someone with much to offer. I’m really grateful to Jesse for joining me on the podcast.

Jesse and I discuss: the role of styles, trends in modern karate, the Shuhari concept, kata training, critical thinking, how karateka can use social media to share information, money in the martial arts, remaining motivated, and more! It’s a wide-ranging conversation that I’m sure you will find interesting. If you listen to the very end of the podcast, I have also included some of the “off-air” chatting :-)

This podcast also includes a brief section from Kris Wilder! How many karateka is it safe to fit into one podcast?!

Thanks for the support of the podcasts! My interview with Jamie Clubb, and the episode on self-defence law will be coming your way soon!

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Jesse Enkamp!
Iain Abernethy
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