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Paul Anderson
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Interesting picture I came across ... tekki shodan, shoulder lock.

I was surfing the internet looking for an appropriate picture to complement an

article on our club website.  I was looking for a photo similar to MMA but did not have the North American UFC feel to it, so I went to the wiki page for pankration.  There I found the following photo (right).

This shoulder lock position immediately reminded me of a part of Tekki Shodan,  around step 8 below.  The position of the foot looks like they have stepped over into the person stride, the limb control and the other arms position stick right out.

Does anyone have bunkai for this section?  The movements between 6 and 15 (see image below) I always think of as attached as in one direction is within the Heian Kata, is there a shoulder lock, break and then discard in amongst these steps?

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nice find, and good post.

I need to ponder and find time to add to this, but it's fair to say the more I study the more grappling I find in Naihanchi strategy and technique.

Of course it also works great with hitting stuff.

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My instructor has shown me a shoulder lock from Naihanchi (our version is slightly different but it came from #6 in your chart) but it is done from the side of the attacker rather than from behind them. I would definitely be interested to see one more like that statue played out from the kata--I can kind of see where you are going with the similarity but sometimes I just have to do it for it to make sense :P.  Then again, I'm certainly no bunkai expert.