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Iain on Whistle Kick Martial Arts Radio!

A couple of weeks ago I spoke to Jeremy Lesniak of Whistle Kick Martial Arts Radio! It was a conversation quite different from others I’ve had. We covered many topics I don’t normally get to talk about. We talk about martial arts and life, the fear I felt in early training, mistakes I have made, my rebellious streak vs. taking instruction, the culture of my home dojo, why I don’t want anyone calling me “sensei”, why we don’t line up by rank, why there will never be “Iain-Ryu”, my debt to karate and the past masters, the nature of my dojo’s curriculum, and a lot more! It was a really wide ranging conversation and I hope you enjoy it!

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Mr. Iain Abernethy is not your typical martial artist. In some ways, he’s very much like other guests we’ve had – passionate about martial arts, dedicated to his training and determined to give back to the practice that has given him so much. In other ways, he’s so focused on what he does, other martial artists, myself included, are blown away. He’s someone I’ve wanted to speak with for a long time, and now it’s happening. Enjoy.

Link to Podcast:

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Iain on Whistle Kick Martial Arts Radio!
Jeremy Lesniak and Iain