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Iain Abernethy
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Iain Abernethy – Road Less Travelled

A fun chat on Kris Wilder’s podcast!

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Iain Abernethy – Road Less Travelled.

Iain Abernethy on the Martial Arts & Life Podcast talks about the topic you may not have heard addressed such as:

Why does Cumbria have 2 flags and which one is the true flag

The 3 questions

Suits and ties and when they are useful

The Band, Social Distortion – their shirts come in red

The Iain Abernethy App

The 3 people would have over for dinner, and why one of them has been dis-invited

The difference between Diana Rigg and Sally James

The perfect evening

What’s more important in martial arts, Form, Speed, or Power?

Quickness and Speed – one is God give the other coachable

How many miles can you put on a car (or how many times can you drive around the world?)

How would you like to be remembered?

And a few more questions from left field