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Joseph O'Neill
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Home Training/Broccoli Method

Good evening all, 

I have been using similar training to this prior to the current situation, but it has come into it's own slightly now we're all forced to train at home. 

It's a method inspired by Jesse Enkamp's "Broccoli Method" article (https://www.karatebyjesse.com/how-to-make-boring-karate-fun/) which some people have found some utility in in the last couple of weeks as doing endless line work at home (I train at quite a 3K club) is so booooooring!

In essence, it uses basic individual techniques, some solo pad work (although this can be completed with a partner in an I-go-you-go fashion in class - the only reason for the solo drills in the videos is these were filmed specifically for our students in the last week or so) coupled with mechanically similar calisthenics in a circuit fashion to try and both develop technique and elevate the heart rate for an additional bit of CV training.

It can be used with very low reps (3-5 on the calisthenics, for example), as a decent warm up, or you can complete multiple rounds at higher reps for some more sport-specific strength endurance and CV endurance capacity building. 

This is the kicking circuit:


And this is for punching:


I also have a grappling/throwing one, but I've yet to upload it to the youtubes.

Hopefully there will be some utility in this for some, and I would welcome feedback.



Iain Abernethy
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Thanks very much for filming and sharing these. All solo training ideas are sure to be valuable and gratefully revived by the community!

All the best,