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Zach Zinn
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hip mobility

I'm approaching 44 now, and during the pandemic I've been really ramping up things like bagwork, etc. I notice my hips tightening up even more than usual, a pattern over the past few years. I wonder if anyone has a particular hip mobility regimen they might share. I don't do particularly high kicks or anything either, at least not often. So, my desires are not for a huge amount of flexibility, just healthy range of motion and mobility.

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Don't know if this would help, but here's some of the things I do ( I pick a few of them and try to relax in them for a while)

  • A few rounds of suryanamaskar ( a few slow rounds and a few fast rounds if in the mood)
  • Warrior Pose
  • Triangle Pose ( Both Normal and Revolved)
  • Ardha Matsyendrasana
  • Baddha Konsana
  • Garudasana
  • Revolved abdomen pose (markatasana)
  • Side squats (Cossack Squats?) followed by hip rotation/stretching into splits (both front and side)

This is more or less what I do, don't have any particular routine as such but I have found that the above helps.

Hope it's helpful :-D

Les Bubka
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I wrote article on hip mobility, it works great for me and my students.


Heath White
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Jesse Enkamp has a video on this topic.


He is pitching his 50 Exercises, which I have bought, and which are pretty good.  Two that don't make it into  the video are, basically, outside-inside crescent kicks to hit a hand extended forward, and inside-outside crescent kicks to hit a hand extended to the side.

Zach Zinn
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Thanks all. There are some new ones in your article Les, I will definitely give them a try.

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Some Yang style Taiji can help with mobility particularly the weight distribution as your shifting and kicking.

Zach Zinn
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colby wrote:
Some Yang style Taiji can help with mobility particularly the weight distribution as your shifting and kicking.

Funny you should mention this. I practice both a longer Sun form and a short 25 move yang form. the Yang form is part of my routine on days when I don't do anything heavy, as is reeling silk drill from Chen Taiji. It's also secondarily cool from a  martial arts standpoint, especially reeling silk.

Off days aren't bad and I can generally get my hips to relax, but it's a lot of work and I'm wondering how 30-45 minutes of bag work could jack me up so badly. I'm sure dropping weight would help too.

Almost wondering if I should look at my diet.

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Yeah I just got into it because Master Wongs Taichi combat went on a stupid sale back in late march on Udemy and I got yang style, chen style, and his tai chi combat system.

and I've really excited because I've always wanted to learn taichi, bagua, and xingi.

Yang is short! What! Man I was looking at that kata and wondering if they put the entire system and every possible permutation into that thing. Say what what you want about the oakinawans but they perfected kata making.

and I feel you I need to do more cooling quigong for my wrists and the tendons in general. Its what I've been told is essential for when your working on whipping power

And probably that's what chinese medicine starts with.

And something else that might help, especially with the weight would be DDP Yoga.