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Getting Up From The Floor (video)

In this video we look at the basics of getting back up from the floor i.e. you’ve been knocked down and the enemy is still standing. The methods shown can be found within the Bubishi, Mabuni’s writings, Funakoshi’s writings, and even some kata i.e. Unsu / Unshu.

You are obviously working from a position of great disadvantage when applying such methods and hence their limitations should be recognised. However, they should be a part of karate practise (just as they were in the past) so they can be used should the karateka find themselves in such an unfortunate position.

The Japanese proverb of “Even monkeys fall from trees” (猿も木から落ちる) reminds us that no matter how skilled we may be on our feet, we can be knocked over (or even trip over obstacles) and therefore we need methods of protecting ourselves while we work to regain an upright position.

As always, this is a short clip from a much larger set of instruction and by definition it will be incomplete. I nevertheless hope is of interest.

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Practical Kata Bunkai: Getting Up From The Floor