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Funakoshis Fumi-Kiri and Nodo-Osae

In this video we look at two of Gichin Funakoshi’s takedowns that are now almost entirely absent from modern karate practise. These methods were included in Funakoshi’s first book, but neither of them are included in the nine throws of his “master next” (Karate-Do Kyohan) which was published a decade later. Because throws and takedowns are not as widely practised in karate today, many karateka refer to these nine throws as “Funakoshi’s Forgotten Throws” or “Shotokan’s Forgotten Throws.” However, the nine throws of Kyohan are not the only throws recorded in Funakoshi’s writing. In this video we look at two such “forgotten, forgotten throws”: Fumi-Kiri and Nodo-Osae.

Fumi-Kiri (踏切) is listed by Funakoshi as a one of karate’s leg techniques. It’s is commonly translated as something like “Step Through”. 踏 = Step and 切 = Cut. Together, the kanji also form the term used for a railroad crossing and I believe this to be significant due to the relative position of the enemy’s and the karateka’s legs.

Nodo-Osae (喉押) is one of six throws shown in Funakoshi’s first book; but it is not one of the nine in Karate-Do Kyohan. The name literally means “Throat Press”. Because of the sparse description and single photo, it is frequently mistaken to be a kick catch. However, a photo in a rare earlier edition of the book (shown in the video) gives us more clarity on the method. The printers of the book were destroyed in an earthquake, along with many copies of the book, and that saw the need for the reprint that most people know today. When we combine the text and the photos from both versions of the book, I think we can get a clear idea of the nature of this effective and yet largely overlooked karate takedown.

I hope you enjoy this look at these largely forgotten takedowns and that we see them reintroduced to regular karate practise. “

There are also throwing techniques in karate… Throwing techniques were practised in my day, and I recommend that you reconsider them.” - Shigeru Egami (student of Gichin Funakoshi).

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Two Overlooked Karate Takedowns! Funakoshi’s Fumi-Kiri and Node-Osae