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Funakoshi's 6th rule

Great podcast as usual.

My question for all and sundry is what do you think the missing rule is? to paraphrase:

1 Train hard

2 dont get lost in theory

3 ?

4 dont be big headed

5 be honest about yourself and others

6 Be ethical and bin the spin.

Either what is your best guess at what he would have said or what do you think it should be based on your own teaching and experience.

Maybe it was a ploy to get us to think for ourselves beyond the 'masters teachings' . Surely there was time in his life to get a new edition printed that had the missing rule, and someone must have pointed out the omission.

I was wondering on the thoughts of all those who have put in their 10,000 hours.

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Rule No. 3 is not missing. It is there on page 107 of the Kodansha translation but it is without a label though. So there are 6 rules. Take a look at Karate Do Nyumon. In that earlier book by Funakoshi there are 7 rules which were exaclty the same. They were reduced to 6 rules in his later biography.

Take a look here for those rules. http://www.iainabernethy.co.uk/content/six-rules-funakoshi#comment-1873

Again no missing rule, no mystery, just not an error free translation and/or bad editing. Don't know...

Regards Holger