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Five things martial artists get wrong about self-defence

Martial arts instructors are often the worst self-protection instructors. The key reason for this failing is that they are not sure what self-protection actually is and they incorrectly assume it is one and the same as martial arts or fighting. The truth is they are radically different. While there is some crossover, the fact remains that only a very small part of martial arts and fighting has relevance to self-protection and vice versa. Sadly, most martial artists don’t grasp this and as a result teach self-protection very poorly without realising. The don’t know what they don’t know, and hence think they know all there is to know.

In this video I cover the key five things that martial artists get wrong about self-protection:

1) Using self-protection is the ONLY valid measure of value

2) Reinventing criminal violence in their own image

3) A total failure to address legalities

4) A complete failure to grasp the objective of self-protection

5) Reducing the whole of self-protection to nothing but the physical

As is made clear in the video, I love the martial arts and all they have to offer; but I also know they do not adequately address the needs of self-protection. To effectively train and teach martial arts, fighting and self-protection, we need to understand the specific nature and goals of each. If we don’t, then training will always be unfocused and ineffective.

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Five things martial artists get wrong about self-defence