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Drill for Multiple Attackers

Hey everyone,

This is some footage from last nights class where we are working on striking pre-emptively and then responding to a second attacker. I have been trying to incorporate multiple attackers more into our train. Its a crucial self-protection skill that I've found can be very hard to address.

Iain Abernethy
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This is such an important topic. This video graphically shows what can happen when people don’t consider third-parties / multiple enemies (age restricted): https://youtu.be/apahr0ujVJU

There’re some multiple opponent pre-emption drills in my app and people can find them by using the search function and entering “pre-emption to escape groups 1” and “pre-emption to escape groups 2”.

There’re also some third-party awareness drills that can be found by searching, “basic multiple enemy drills”.

This video on protecting others from groups would also seem to be relevant:

All the best,