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Daughter coming back to Karate!

All I'm adding this to this and a few other Forums I'm on, but I know we don't all visit the same Forums. My Daughter is coming back to Class after a few years break. 1 lesson a week and I will not be asking her to grade, just learn 1 kata which is at her level. If she wanted to grade then she asks my Friend and Assistant Instructor to grade her (She would then have to learn all the kata upto her level if she wanted to take her Black Belt). When she left the class she reached Brown Belt 3rd Kyu so she will continue with Brown belt until whenever she wants to go for 2nd Kyu etc. So why am I telling you this. Well last night she texted me telling me shes coming to my house (her mother and I are divorced) because she's been in a fight. Now my response after this was "Did she win???" not is she ok etc etc. Now I was concerned about her but was it wrong to think that? Now when she got home she told me the "full" story. It was a typical teenage confrontation the "What you looking at?" blah blah blah. it did cool of she said and she started to walk away but the girl's sister got involved and they both attacked her. She knocked at least one tooth out of the first girl, her sister was just pulling and scratching at her from behind (dead brave). I cleaned her cuts etc and said if you were training she wouldn't have been hit as much. Now I been longing for her to carry on with her Karate and this is like an answer but even though I want her to be strong etc She's still my little girl if you know what I mean Your thoughts please

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My thoughts are this .

Well done to your girl .

Although there is a school of thought that if your involved in a fight , theres no winners . But that maybe a little to a romantic view of real life combative situatuations .


Jon .