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Curriculum Help

2-part question:


I have roughly 5-6 years of instructing experience teaching my teacher's curriculum. Recently, I've been able to spend my time teaching a small (3-7) group of students two times a week. Having zero experience creating a complete system's curriculum, I'm struggling with flow. One issue in particular: if a new student were to come in, what would I teach them to keep them from being/feeling "behind." I've been working on a rotating curriculum so that the whole class learns the same thing together. Anyone with experience in this area? 

2. Additionally, I've been trying to "disperse the fat" of my learned style to fit my own teaching style. I say "disperse" because I don't eliminate. And "fat" includes learning 8 kata for first dan, one-steps. I'd like to spend more time analyzing a handful of kata on the path to first dan as well as spend more time doing real-life/real-speed drills. So with that said, I guess my second question would be: Does anyone have any experience to share what works/doesn't work in regards to curriculum for a small group of students, and how to order the content into a logic sequence? I'm not necessarily looking for comments on content because I know WHAT I want to teach. Just having trouble funneling all the marbles. Thanks for any help! (below I listed a few areas of content. If anyone's interested) 

Content to be included:

ground defense - not fighting, but how to A). avoid going to the ground; B). what to do if you end up on the ground


vertical (standing) grappling - self-defense from close-range attack

striking - accuracy and mechanics of motion; how to generate power