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Conversations on Karate with Iain Abernethy

This podcast is a conversation I had with Sue and Greg of the “Conversations on Karate” podcast. It was a great conversation where we covered a wide range of martial arts topics!

Topics covered include: Consent in training; the two kinds of discipline (one positive; one negative); kata-based-sparring; creating new combative habits; protecting others; martial arts vs. self-protection; the inherent values of various facets of the martial arts; bad bunkai; the rise of practical karate; the “sunk cost fallacy” of X-step sparring; controlled vs. heavy contact sparring; and a lot more besides!

I’m really grateful to Sue and Greg for inviting me on and I’m grateful to them allowing me to share this recording here. Be sure to check out the “Conversations on Karate” podcast:

All the best,


Conversations on Karate
Iain, Sue and Greg