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Christian Wedewardt and Iain Abernethy (podcast)

In this podcast I talk to my friend and fellow practical karateka Christian Wedewardt! I have known Christian for many years, he is a fellow member of the World Combat Association (WCA) and we have taught together many times in the UK and Germany. Christian has a great approach to karate. His material is functional and well structured. In addition, Christian’s infectious enthusiasm and clear communication style makes him a joy to train with and teach alongside!

You will no doubt be aware of Christian’s Karate Praxis organisation, his popular book, “The Heian Kata Bunkai Phenomenon: A Systematical Kata Workbook” (available in both English and German), his YouTube videos, and his appearances with the one and only Master Ken!

In this podcast, Christian and I discuss his background, some of the principles of his approach (“first things first” and his pragmatic redefining of jodan, chudan and gedan), his teaching style, his appearances with Master Ken, and loads more besides!

Many thanks to Christian for making time to appear on the podcast! It was a fun conversation and I hope you enjoy it!

All the best,


Christian Wedewardt and Iain Abernethy
Christian Wedewardt and Iain Abernethy