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Chinto Gankaku Flow Drill for Crane Stance Sequence

In this video we look at a flow drill for the one-legged sequences in Chinto / Gankaku kata. It’s important to understand that this drill is one of many. The methods in the drill also need practised singularly, in alternate sequences, and in both semi-live and live drills. We covered all of this during the two-day event at which this clip was filmed. It’s obviously not possible to cover all of that in this short video clip and therefore viewers are cautioned against making assumptions based on their own training paradigm. If you’d like to better understand the wider training matrix of which this drill is part, then in-person instruction is required. I nevertheless hope you find the video interesting.

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PS The YouTube link can be found HERE

Chinto / Gankaku Flow Drill for Crane Stance Sequence