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Chinte End Sequence (video)

In this video we explore some of the bunkai of the kata Chinte (“Unusual Hands”); specifically the end of the kata from the “scissor punch” to the front (hasami zuki) to the hops at the end.

While it is certainly possible to use the “Scissor Punch” motion as a strike when clinched, if the arms are pinned it can be difficult to generate impact. Therefore, in this clip – because we were working from a front bear hug – we make use of a henka-waza (variation) and use vibrating pressure with the middle knuckles to get the space to strike. If the enemy had gripped around the neck, such that the arms has more room to move, then strikes could be used to achieve the same effect and the sequence would be exactly as per the kata.

It is only the Shotokan version of the kata that has the hops at the end. It is possible that the other versions have lost the hops, or that Shotokan added them to fulfil the dictate of the style that all kata must start and end at the same place (the “kiten”). Personally, I believe the latter is more likely. Nevertheless, those hops certainly have combative function as they can be used to shock load the elbow joint to aid the taking of the enemy to the floor. Although unlikely, it is even possible that this function is the reason the hops were chosen as the method to return to the kiten? Great care needs to be taken when practising this method.

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PS The YouTube link can be found HERE

Practical Kata Bunkai: Chinte End Sequance