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Bujin TV

So I hate to spam the board needlessly but I just stumbled onto this while surfing youtube and its basically Karate netflix. It looks like Patrick Mccarthy and a John Burke are already on there. I'm guessing the european members might know who that is. There's also a lot of okinawan seminars and bunkai as well. And it might be something that maybe Iain might want to look into? At least his older stuff at any rate.

There's a promo code so your 1st month is free, its: STAYSTRONGUK

Anyways, just thought that might be of interest to people. Its still new, but their library is already pretty extensive.


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I've been watching some of the available videos and they are really good! Heres a preview of a seminar on the third pinan and im curious if that sinks up with what a lot of people here do.

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Do I practice the applications shown in the video? No. I also don't think they are very good. Putting both hands on your hips in response to the punch makes no sense and isn't explained. If you're looking for pinan applications look at Iain's stuff. Buy his pinan series dvd. I have it and it's great. There is a reasons he is known as the world's leading expert on form applications. 

Here is another way to apply the movement covered is the first 8 minutes of the video.


The second set of movement applications from the end of the form is somehow worse than the first. He says when being strangled from behind gently place you hand on your attackers. If you are relaxed they will likely become relaxed and then you can escape. WHAT!!  If you enjoy this instructors take on applications I would suggest you need to add active resistance to your training.