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Jason Lester
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Bromsgrove Forge Shotokan Karate Club

Hi all,

For those who may live in the worcstershire area and are looking for a Traditional Shotokan Karate club , Bromsgrove Forge Shotokan Karate Club are accepting new members.

Bromsgrove Forge Shotokan Karate Club is one of the longest running, established & respected clubs in the area, the standard at Forge Shotokan is very high producing good quality Karate-Ka. I train at Forge Shotokan myself for my own personnal training so i can personally recommend the club. Forge Shotokan has an increasing number of adult members and continues to grow.

There are very few Old School Karate clubs around nowadays and getting harder to find, this is one of those clubs.

If anyone is interested in training at Forge Shotokan or would like more information all the contact details can be found here: http://www.forgeshotokankarate.vpweb.co.uk/

Kind regards,