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Bonus Podcast: Kris Wilder and I discuss growth, planning, patience and focus!

In this podcast Kris Wilder and I discuss growth, planning, patience and focus in the martial arts and everyday life. It was a fun conversation!

The podcast was recorded at Kris’s home studio when I visited Seattle earlier this year. Kris, Rory Miller, Lawrence Kane, Jordan Giarratano and I were chatting when Kris asked if I wanted to do a podcast … so we entered the studio and this was the result. Kris did a great job in steering the conversation and I think some very interesting stuff got recorded.

It was put out mid-December as an episode of Kris Wilder’s and Lawrence Kane’s “Martial Arts and Life” podcast (subscribe if you’ve not yet done so!) and Kris kindly let me share it via this feed too.

Martial Arts and Life Podcast on iTunes:

Kris Wilder was the guy who introduced me to podcasting when I was on his “Martial Secrets” podcast way back in 2005. That was the first podcast I ever did. In fact, I think it was the first time I’d heard of “podcasts”. I asked Kris all about them, and that planted the seed for my own podcasts. Not long after Richard Barnes pushed me to get going (as well as providing all the technical knowhow to make it happen). So you’ve those two men to thank / blame for the decade of podcasting that has resulted to date!

After the main podcast Kris has included an outtake. We had to pause for a second and Kris whistled into the microphone to mark the point that needed taken out. This resulted in three sharp spikes that are easily identifiable on the monitor. That makes editing very simple and it struck me as genius! You can hear how impressed I was and it’s now a part of my own podcasting process :-)

I hope you enjoy listening to the podcast!

All the best,


A photo taken just after recording (L to R): Rory Miller, Lawrence Kane, Kris Wilder (host), Jordan Giarratano and Iain Abernethy (me).

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