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Application for Aragaki Seisan

Hi all,

I thought I would share this quick clip from training the other night.

We had some sound issues on the recording but hopefully that won't detract from the point of the application. 

There are many ways to apply this short sequence of Aragaki Seisan,  this is but one. 

Essentially I redirect linear energy at close quarters using a circular motion  to position myself to my opponents outside. This creates a predictable opening (the base of the opponents skull or the side of the neck). To this area I deliver an arcing ridge hand strike. 

That in itself could easily render the opponent unconscious.  However,  if that impact fails (maybe the intended target is missed) the head will most likely still drop , which presents an opening for the rising palm heel strike. 

For pure application the ridge hand is still in contact which creates a compression along with the palm heel strike - extremely dangerous in practice.

For the sake of this example I wash over the opponents face with kake uke to seize the back of the neck tight, holding in place for iron palm strike to any of the anatomically vulnerable targets available. 

I hope the loss of my musical tones on the recording didn't spoil it any, and that this description gets the points across.