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Advanced Driving

This past week I passed my advanced driving test and thought to discuss the program here for other members benefits. I did the course for various reasons including just having wanted to for some time and suddenly having time free after completing my master's degree. Frankly I also like learning new stuff. And most of us can be better drivers. But here's the thing; it ties into self protection very well.

I suspect some of you have done the course or similar, perhaps because you're 999 drivers, and so you're way ahead of me.

There are a few providers of the course but I went with IAM Roadsmart. Currently the course is £150 but you get incredible value for this money as it's run as charity. I believe all of the providers teach the same method which is The System which has been taught to emergency drivers for decades. However they all set their own standards and administer their own tests. For your money you get the course materials, as many lessons as you need and one stab at the test. Consider how much driving lessons and the tests cost now and you realise what good value this is.

So what do we learn? Well amongst other things understanding your vehicle, use of gears, making progress, cornering, observation, safety and fuel ecomony. I have no doubt that I'm putting less fuel in my car now and I'm also enjoying driving more.

So how does this relate to us? Well it also covers road rage, spotting and avoiding hazards, positioning to easily move away, consideration of where and how to park. For anyone serious about their self protection, if you have the money and time (just a couple of hours a week for a few weeks) then I strongly recommend one of the courses. 

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In a previous life I was trained in advance driving under the Police ‘road craft’ system. Great course. From memory it  cover what you said apart from road rage per say; maybe it wasn’t such an issue back then. One incident spring to mind of not getting to close to the car in front always keeping a maneuverability gap; to some degree difficult in London.  Taking a short cut through a high crime area late at night hardly any traffic on the road I approached a car which was stationary at lights; I kept well back, a guy jumped of the driver’s side and ran towards me as it were; quick check in the rear mirror then reversed back; he gave that don’t worry signal as he opened the boot and got his coat and jumped back into the car lol.