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White crane e-book level #1

This e-book was written to try and illustrate some of the historical possibilities concerning the origin(s) of the martial arts.


I hope you like it.


Iain Abernethy
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Hi Ron,

Just downloaded the e-book and it’s an impressive looking piece of work. It’s well laid out and at 89 pages there is plenty for people to read though. I look forward to reading through the e-book in due course. Thanks for posting the link here – much appreciated.

All the best,


Black Tiger
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I've not read the White Crane book as yet but there are other Ebooks Hanshi Shively, and they are really good and informative, don't want to quote the books but, it makes you think again about your own Karate. They are very informative and definately relevant to anybody's karate regardless of style.

So glad that Hanshi Shively posted this thread and thank you for passing the further Ebooks on too.

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Hi all,

the material presented by Ron may shed some light on a couple of karate kata. As far as I know only shito ryu among the four big ryus has a variant of it  called "haufa" or "haffa". Shotokan has crane stance in gangaku (chinto in wado), usually the rohai kata or meikyu are associated with it.

Best wishes,