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" 'Context!' - Street vs Sport Jiu Jitsu"

Was listening to Iain's podcast, and he referred to a Gracie Video about difference between Street vs Sport Jiu Jitsu.  Its amazing the same scenarios/criticisms of TMA are now showing up in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and its members of the first family of BJJ thats explaining the difference.  Just wanted to post the Gracie video, its quite interesting

"With the tournaments, rules and people want to compete in tournaments, they start to change so much that its becomes unrealistic. Gracie Jiu-Jitsu, the one my father, my brothers, my family teach.......is a self defense style, geared towards the street fight so that you can defend myself on the street, not in a tournament, in trying to score points....who cares about points?"

Royce Gracie on the issue that Sports Jiu Jitsu is not Gracie Jiu Jitsu

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Also, this is NOT A BJJ bashing, I cross train with BJJ fairly regularly.  This could be said for any martial art.  Just thought it was so amazing the Gracies are trying to make sure people understand the combative principles of their art.

Zach Zinn
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I love what they say in the first Gracie video on this subject until they talk about what IS good for "street fighting" - which they never actually define anyway that i've seen, they still advocate willingly going to the ground and doing things that IMO, seem pretty insane in a dangerous "street" environment with unknown variables - just look at the "no hurry to escape" bit from side mount.. All I can imagine is that they literally mean "street fight" and not self defense, not sure they make a distinction though..which I would think is a pretty big omission as far as context goes.

I still really like the videos though because it's the first time i've seen combat sport people use a model such as they did with top of the pyramid and all that, which I agree with 100%, and I can't help but respect their point of view.

michael rosenbaum
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I'm all for live training, especially where full-contact striking and grappling is concerned.  However, if we're talking self-defense then the issue of weapons must be addressed. WIthout doing so can lead to serious disapointments. All to often we fight the fight we want to fight, not the one we'll face.