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Bob Davis
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David Gimberline seminar UK August 18th 2019

Just a heads up, I will be hosting David Gimberline in the UK on August 18th for an extended 4.5 hour seminar in the Rickmansworth area (SW Herts, NW London). A rare chance to train with one of America's top kata bunkai proponents.

Venue: Maple Cross School, WD3 9SS, just off M25 Junction 17. Session runs 10:30 to 3:30

Cost will be £20 (or £17.50 for Bunkai B*stards members)

To book your place contact redfish.karate@gmail.com or call 07703 567419  

Bob Davis
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Well, that didn't go as planned. David didn't make it to his UK tour due to the lack of the correct visa's to make i past immigration (I don't think he had a good day, one way and another)

However, me being me I'm never one to let an opportunity past I ran the event anyway as a charity fund raiser, as the venue was already booked and paid for and I had a list of attendees (who I knew already had a pass ;-) ). I had a few drop outs obviously but far less than I thought I would so all in all was quite a busy 5 hours and a lot of good feed back (and raised a little over £200 for the charity).

I did my few little bits, we had a guest session from Joe Saunders which was much appreciated but I'd have to say most of the heavy lifting on the day was done by Brian Bates of Zanshin Karate Academy. (Dunstable, UK).

Not sure this is the appropriate venue to say this (so by all means can it if necessay) but I have watched Brian's transition from classical to pragmatic over the last 5 years or so (having done it myself some time earlier) and would say now he's probably up there with the best I have trained with (and I have trained with a few :-) ). His stuff is coherent, well rounded and comprehensive and is presented in an easy going and friendly way.

If anyone is looking for a "name" to train with or book but can't find one you could do a hell of a lot worse that look at Brian Bates, not a "name" but probably should be! (although he's not big on self promotion).